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The most important phrase in business

THANK YOU – it’s one of the most important phrases in your vocabulary and an effective tool for building relationships with your customers. Especially for small businesses where each and every sales mean a great deal – the thank you for shopping with us message cannot be undermined.

It is about building relationship

Needless to say, a thank you note shows your customers you value them, and it’s a first step to good customer service. Saying thanks, or building the habit to, improves quality of customer service, and ensure that we are making people we interact with feel valued and respected.

Building a thanks-giving culture, starting with thanks

It’s not just a show for the external customers – a thanksgiving culture within your company demonstrates to staff that the business is about putting the customers first, and about serving others. That the service they provide is integral to the success of your business. Giving your staff the confidence that they matter help them take pride in what they do. Others reciprocate.

Giving thanks in creative ways

Beyond just business needs, business owners DO sincerely feel the urge to say a big thank you for each and every of our customer who supports our business. Done sincerely, it gives lots of room for unique branding, creative storytelling (of your brand and services), and outstanding product packaging.

Here’s how others have done it, and made a lasting impression.

From the Friendly Blogshop

It’s a nice friendly way to fish for reviews…

From the Earnest Marketing Guy

Everyone loves a discount… and we sellers love repeated customers. Here are good ways to give some and get some.

From the Upfront – Exchange Policy

Exchange policy need not be a small print disclaimer that you hope no one discover. Use it to show honesty & sincerity to serve right.

Sincerely, from within

Wit helps. Witty illustrations help even more. Just see how these are done.

From the Funny Wordsmiths

And if you are good with words, try mimick these.

Sincerely, with beautiful typography

Or just say what you feel.

Or Simple Simplicity

Frank simplicity can make a lasting impression.

Or again, choose wit and honesty because it’s the best policy

From the Sweet Retailer

If you like to say it with candies and sweet goodies, here are some great ideas. More ideas for thank you messageswith candy.

Yes… nuts included
Smiley chap everyone loves

Or give away these Hershey chocolates with thank you stickers. Then you can say…. You deserve a KISS and a thanks!

Make your own or buy some from here

Say it with a Token

Keep them coming back for more.

Or just keep it pretty & creative!

As we said, be creative with your thank you for shopping with us message. And stand out from the crowd.

If all things fail…thank you stickers

If creativity fails you, there’s always Howcrafts Thank You Stickers. Get a piece of our thank you stickers, and viola, even the plainest of your product looks professional and amazing. Don’t think it’s that easy? Just look below.

beautiful soap packaging
Amazon Thank you stickers for soap packaging
Amazon Thank you stickers roll

You don’t need to be a genius marketeer to get this right. Get the Thank You Stickers Roll of 1000 from Amazon here.

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