You have heard the advisory. Staying home is the best thing you can do right now against Covid19.

Stay home to flatten the curve, flatten the curve.

We can all contribute to Mankind right now by doing this.

We will probably be remembered in history as the ‘strawberry’ generation whose best contribution to mankind is, to sit on the couch and watch Netflix.

But truly, I think if anything differentiate us from generations before us, it’s the ingenious humorous output despite the trying time. Because truly…

Humor aka #Coronavirus #Memes is the best medicine for a time like this.

So if it helps you stay merry in a time like this, here’s a collection of the best coronamemes & humor out there we have seen of our generation of meme-makers.

Everyone’s wish for 2020.
And if you thought 2019 was bad…

And the Divided World found common ground over… Toilet Papers

Shows us regardless of all our differences, we are all mere humans and we all panick in the same way.

And human continue to be…human

While the future remains uncertain…

When it’s over, we will have #WFH

Despite the gloom, post 2020 will never be the same for a few good reason. #WFH. If you dunno yet, WFH means Work From Home. No doubt, Covid19 confuses human life on many front, but it invented the WFH practice which is a family friendly practice that will probably stay beyond 2020!

And then new social norm…

On another positive note… 2020 is already a year of accomplishment

Covid19 had achieved in 3 months what many had tried for decades. Well done.

Hope these list of coronamemes keep your spirit up. But remember, Covid19 is no laughing matter. Stay safe and stay home!