How to make gift box in paper?

Need to make a paper box with a lid attached? We round up a few easy ways to make free gift boxes. Download a free printable pattern papers from us, or get some beautiful papers here to make your own beautiful gift boxes!

6 ways to make gift box with paper

1. Origami Hinged Gift Box

You can easily make a gift box with hinged lid using this origami method. You can either make a hinged cube gift box or a long hinged gift box. This is suitable for DIY gifts for friends and family. 

2. Single Sheet Origami Box with Lids

With high quality craft paper (ideally at least 120gsm), you can make a high quality box that is suitable for your ecommerce product packaging. Fasten it with a thank you sticker for that professional finish! 

3. Box with lids – with printable template

This box is equally suitable as a home made gift packaging, and also a box for your etsy product. Again, choose a good quality craft paper with at least 120 gsm for that professional touch. 


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4. Kawaii Box with Centre Fold Lids

5. Rectangle Box

 6. Heart shaped Lid Box



To make this gift box, download our A4 printable template for free here. To print on a bigger box, set printing to A3.