So, you have aced that job interview! Congratulations!

It must had been a job well done, considering you are one out of four candidates who know why they need to send a post interview thank you card. Yup, your interview is not yet over til you send out that thank you card! And we are soooo glad you know!

Here’s a collection of suitable thank you cards you can easily get off the ecommerce sites for less than $1-$2 a card.

Credit: Hallmark

Price: USD$13.99 for a pack of 40 before shipping
Price per count: USD$0.349
Review: Nice professional design but you only have 1 design in a box which means, everyone gets the same boring card. Suitable if you were applying for professional executive jobs or your hiring manager is someone more senior in terms of rank and age. You do run the risk of looking like everyone else, but hey, it’s the (penned) thoughts that count, yeah?

From: Peter Pauper Press on
Price: USD$9 for a pack of 14 with free shipping worldwide
Price per count: USD$0.642
Review: A simple thank you card that won’t go too wrong with most recipients. A safe card to send. However, the ‘Thank You’ do seem a little small. It spells of a mild personality of whoever sends it.
Note: As this ships from UK, it might take 2 weeks to arrive. So buy it early!

Credit: Current Catalog

Price: USD$1.99 per card
Price per count: USD$1.99
Shipping time: 5-9 working days, with shipping fee of $7.99 for orders less than $10
Review: Compared to the rest, this is a little pricey, but they are still cheaper than Rifle Paper Co’s card that goes at USD5 per piece. Plus, it’s less boring! Floral but still gender neutral, and suits both professional and creative job that you might be applying for.

Credit: Hallmark
Price: USD$8.99 for a pack of 10 before shipping
Price per count: USD$0.899
Review: Not the usual card that you would send an interviewer, but this card is cute. If you had a good rapport with your interviewer during the interview, and your interviewer appears to be someone who’s not too serious, you can consider this card. It definitely stands out from the lot of standard cards.

Credit: Peach Paper Design

Price: USD$15.00 for a pack of 10 before shipping
Price per count: USD$1.50
Review: You can add your own colors if you like, else this is a classic card to be sent out as it is. It speaks of someone who’s a creative thinker, yet one who’s not too loud nor opinionated.

Price: USD$10.99 for 48 pieces
Price per count: USD$0.22
Review: These cards are simple and versatile for use with anyone. Yet, it’s not too boring. A cheap price of $0.22 per piece – a steal if you ask me! It speaks of a sender who’s decisive and focused. If this reflects who you are, get this deck!
Price: USD$12.99 per 48 pieces before shipping
Price per count: USD$0.27
Review: If black and white is not to your fancy, you can consider this option. I don’t like 2 of the cards as they look too simplistic so I won’t recommend this for anyone applying for a creative job (a designer job especially!). But they are a steal at the price, and they do a fair job for anyone applying for a professional role in most places.

From: Howcrafts on
Price: USD$14.99 for a pack of 50 before shipping
Price per count: USD$0.299
Review: Trust Amazon to be the place where you can find the most value-for money card stocks. 5 designs in 1 box, these cards come with sealing Thank You stickers. If you are applying for a creative job, or like to come across as someone bold and original, these cards are a good choice. With 50 and 5 designs, you will have spare to choose for all your interviews to come!

From: Howcrafts on
Price: USD$22.96 for a pack of 96 before shipping
Price per count: USD$0.239
Review: Floral cards make great thank you cards especially for female candidates who are not worried of showing their strong feminine sides. These cards come in elegant gold foil stamping . It speaks of a candidate who is great with details, caring and sincere. Great for jobs that are people oriented and require strong soft skillsets. Even for a company with male hiring managers, the soft touch will demonstrate a candidate who can balance the yin & yang of the company.

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Price: USD$12.95 per 48 pieces before shipping
Price per count: USD$0.27
Review: While this may look ‘kiddish’ to some, it speaks of a sender who’s young and energetic. If you are joining a young organisation or one that prefers the energy and vibrancy you will bring to the organisation, this is a good choice!