You can add a little personality to anything with just a little creativity and stickers. And you know what? You can even make your very own stickers at home, without ANY special materials.

Here’s a rundown of how you can make your own VSCO stickers at home with home items. No special tools or materials required. Ready?

What you need

  • White A4 printing paper
  • Clear sticky tapes (48 mm or 1.8 inch preferred)
  • Double sided tapes (48 mm or 1.8 inch preferred)
  • Scissors or pen knife

Step 1 – Draw your VSCO stickers

Design your own VSCO illustrations.

You can either

Free VSCO Stickers Printable

Note: the illustration should be less than 48mm or 1.8 inch in height so that they can fit into the height of a sticky tape roll.

Step 2: Print and cut

Print out your illustrations. Cut out your illustrations in squares.
Note: We will trim them again after lamination.

Cut the VSCO drawings into squares.

Step 3: Laminate drawings with sticky tape

Tape the top of your vsco drawings with the clear sticky tape.

The finished taped over stickers’ surface will look glossy and laminated just like the stickers you get from the stores.

Step 4: Paste drawings on double sided tapes

Next, you want to give the stickers its adhesiveness. Here’s the simple trick – instead of parchment paper OR sticker papers, you simply use double sided tape!

On a roll of double sided tape, layout your illustrations as shown.

Step 5: Cut and trim

Cut the squares for trimming

Trim the stickers and you are done!

Where can I buy VSCO stickers?

If you like some professionally done stickers for your laptops or hydro flasks, check out our cute vsco stickers in yellow, pink, blue & rainbow here!

These cute stickers are made of high quality vinyl – so they are waterproof and reusable, and what’s more? It’s just for $10.99 for a batch of 66 pieces. So that’s just 16 cent per piece! Check out the vinyl VSCO stickers on Amazon here!

VSCO Stickers Idea - Pink and Yellow vsco stickers on Amazon

DIY Stickers Tutorial Demonstration

Here are 2 video tutorial for detailed demonstrations.