Family time doesn’t need to cost you a bomb.

Here’s a simple printable game you can play with your kid right at home. I designed this game for my kids. It can be anything really – educational spelling game, alphabet games, or roll-the-dice house chore game!

Step 1: Design your own game cube!

So what is it? I called it the Roll-a-Cube game. Simply put, you can put anything on the cube, roll it to decide what each player need to do.

Yup, who doesn’t love unicorns? The template is designed for little girls in mind but I hope it works fine for boys too! But if you truly feel we need one for the boys, let me know in the comments!

So here are a few ways you can make use of the cube for a game with your kids!

  1. Educational Alphabet/Spelling Game Choose 5-6 letters on the cube faces. Roll the cube for a letter. Each player is to name an item that starts with the letter rolled. For older kids, ask them to spell the words.
  2. Wordcraft game – Still with the letters. Each kid roll the dice. Each time a letter is rolled, everyone has 1 minute to come out with as many words that start with the letter. After 1 minute is up, the next kid gets to roll the dice. Game repeats.
  3. True or Dare Game – Get the kids to discuss and describe 5-6 True or Dare Challenges on each of the faces of the cube. The 6th face can be a “SKIP”.
  4. House Chores – Who does what? This can be a Forfeit cube. Get the cube to decide who does what around the house as part of games forfeit!
  5. Mysterious Gift Box Add a little gift into the box before you seal up the cube. Person who wins the above games get to receive the mysterious gift inside the box!

Involve the kids in the design and preparation of the cube

So, you are ready to play the game? Don’t just start! Get your kids to help in the design and preparation.

Choose your letters and print out on a 120gsm paper.

Customise the letters on the cube. Let your kids decide what letters/options they want to play. Then prepare the cube – get your kids to help with the selection of letters, and the cutting of the printed template.

Kids can help with the folding and gluing of the cube.

Add a little prize and hide it in the cube before sealing.

Step 2: Just play!

Finally, just roll the dice and play!

Scores are optional – decide if you want the kids to compete and win a prize. You can keep track of the scores using a beautifully designed score card in the template file.

Use this Score Card to keep score. Kids love score keeping!

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